Preheat your iron for 5 minutes at 160-170 degrees (no hotter!) * and turn off the steam ! 

Get a good flat, hard surface and press (pressing with the iron, use your body weight for example) the application in 10-15 seconds on top of the foil in place. Wait until the applique is completely cooled off and then remove the foil and press again for 5 seconds with parchment paper in between.

* This is approximately between wool (**) and (***) cotton, more towards wool.

If you are not sure what the right temperature on your iron is, please try at a  low temperature first, when you start too hot the heat-resistant foil will melt. If there are questions about ironing on the (SUPER) full color motifs, please ask ! Applicatie-en-zo is not responsible for incorrectly applied (SUPER) full color motifs.

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